Obtain a Work Permit

How to Obtain a Work Permit in Panama ?

In compliance with Panamanian labor law and in order not to incur unnecessary fines, either for the purposes of your company or as a worker in companies located in Panama, it is important to bear in mind that, in order to work, foreigners must obtain a work permit authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development of Panama.

  • As married or married to a person of Panamanian nationality: After obtaining an immigration status as Married or married to a Panamanian national in the National Immigration Service of Panama, and conducting the corresponding marriage interviews.
  • As part of ten percent of the ordinary staff: That is, for every 10 Panamanians, the company may hire 1 foreigner, provided that the foreigner earns a minimum monthly salary of eight hundred fifty balboas (B / .850.00) and the payroll of the company, is submitted to the corresponding evaluation by the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development.
  • Within fifteen percent (15%) of the specialized or technical personnel of the company, to obtain this type of permit, a note from the employing company must be provided that establishes, from the beginning, the name and ID of the Panamanian who will be trained by the foreigner for the performance of the respective specialty.
  • Foreigner under the Marrakech Agreement, this permit gives the opportunity for a foreign worker to enter a small company, with more than 3 workers, but with less than 10 Panamanian workers.
  • As a professional foreigner, to apply for this permit, the professional must present the immigration status previously granted by the National Immigration Service and, among other requirements, the authenticated or apostilled copy of the university degree.
  • National foreigner of specific countries or friends, to opt for this permit it is necessary to previously have said immigration status and verify it at the Ministry of Labor, providing the respective Resolution.
  • Foreigner under the Panama-Italy Agreement, in our country there is a bilateral treaty of friendship, trade and navigation with the Republic of Italy since 1966, which allows Italian citizens to choose to have a permanent residence and their respective work permit.
  • Foreigner with a Panamanian son or daughter, as long as it can be verified that he fulfills his duties as a good father or mother. For this it is required to make a Sworn Notarial Declaration.
    Foreign worker, divorced from a Panamanian spouse, as long as they have children, provide them with support or maintain and raise them.
  • Foreign Workers in the Colon Free Zone: It is granted to those who meet the requirements as executives or trusted personnel and requires, among other requirements, a certification issued by the Administration of the Colon Free Zone.
  • Foreigners who work in the City of Knowledge: This permit is granted to foreign businessmen, teachers, researchers, students, executives and technicians who work within this special economic zone. A copy of the affiliation agreement with the Ciudad del Saber Foundation must be provided.
  • Permit for foreigners for humanitarian reasons or melting pot: The foreigner can apply for a work permit in that capacity, if he / she previously has a two-year residence permit granted through the general immigration regularization process issued by the National Immigration Service .