In Panama, we encourage Investors, there are good and new opportunities, one of them is that by investing in Panama, in addition to the economic benefits, you will obtain a legal and permanent residence., Yes:

• You invest in real estate (houses, apartments, buildings, land).
The main requirement of the residence is basically that the investment is US $ .300,000.00 dollars, free of encumbrances.

• You make a fixed-term deposit in a bank in the general license town. The main requirement is that it be carried out for a period of 3 years.

• You could also make a mixed investment and the main requirement would be that your property and the fixed term, add up to the amount of US $ .300,000.00 dollars, and are free of liens

Something Novel

In order to promote Tourism in the interior of the country, through a Law approved in July 2020.
The Panamanian State regulated the granting of a 100% tax credit on the sums invested in the acquisition of bonds, shares or other financial instruments, issued by tourism companies registered in the National Tourism Registry of the Panama Tourism Authority and located outside of Panama City.

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