Reasons to Naturalize

Panamanian Nationality Reasons to Naturalize

In Panama, the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Republic, establishes that foreigners and Panamanians are equal before the Law, however, for reasons of work, health, morality, public security and national economy, the State may subordinate to special conditions or deny the exercise of certain activities to foreigners in general.

Under these considerations, today many professions and trades are limited by special laws to be exercised exclusively by nationals.

This, coupled with the fact that in order to work as a foreigner, in most cases it is required to obtain a prior work permit, which, according to its class, must be renewed.

On the other hand, with exceptions for companies subject to special regimes that have benefits for their foreign personnel, if one of their norths is to be hired by a company, it must belong to the permitted percentage, which in most cases is: every 10 Panamanians, 1 foreigner.

By becoming a Panamanian national, you will be able to exercise retail trade, vote in elections, exercise any profession or trade and even, and why not, even aspire to public office, benefiting the nation in which you live day by day and in which many Foreigners have historically gambled and prospered.

“Pro Mundi Beneficio” or for the benefit of the world, is one of the flagship slogans of the
Panamanian nationality and it is not only in our shield has a lot to do, with our nature, reason for being, with the Panama Canal, its ports and with everything that Panama represents and wants to offer you.

If you reside in Panama, you have the required times and the requirements established by the National Migration Service, our recommendation is that you obtain the Nature Charter, since, to take advantage of the opportunities, we must be ready and with all those of the Law .
We want a better Panama, together we will make a difference, see you happy and singing the national anthem in our company, it will be our reward.

Who can be Naturalized?

To apply and obtain the Panamanian Nature Charter, you must have a
permanent residence and be within one of the following assumptions:

1. Have resided for 5 consecutive years in Panama;

2. Have resided in Panama for 3 consecutive years and be married to a Panamanian or Panamanian national or have children born in Panama to a Panamanian father or mother.

3. Being born in a country that has reciprocity agreements in this regard, as in the cases of:

3.1. Colombia and El Salvador (1 year of residence, after obtaining permanent residence)

3.2. Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru (2 years of residence, after obtaining permanent residence)

3.3. Uruguay (3 years of residence, after obtaining permanent residence).