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Retiree Residence Permit.

To obtain this residency and all benefits of being retired in Panama, we will basically require a Retirement Certification or Lifetime Pension, for the equivalent of a minimum of US$.1,000.00.

The benefits of this permission are extended to your dependents.

Retirees or pensioners in Panama are entitled by law, just to mention a few, to discounts on:

  • Health care fees
  • Private health insurance premiums
  • Monthly electricity consumption invoicing
  • Home loan interest rate
  • Freezing property tax
  • Exoneration of the payment of the recovery fee to your property
  • Fixed charge discount for landline telephone service and water consumption fee.

Similarly, if you are a retiree or pensioner and want to bring household equipment and even vehicles:

You will be entitled to a single and total exemption from taxes on the importation of household or personal goods, up to US$10,000.00 and duty-free, every 2 years for the importation of a motor vehicle.

In addition to all the benefits to which a retiree or pensioner can qualify. Why do we recommend Panama, to enjoy his retirement?

There’s a lot to do in Panama, but what would you like to do? Because here you can do a little bit of everything.

We can think of, maybe:

  • Breathe fresh air, walk watching a nice sunrise on the beach or maybe watch a fabulous sunset with the tranquility it provides, have everything you need close to you.
  • Tour the interior of the country and know the customs, kindness and simplicity of its people.
  • Sharing the same territory with people from different countries is really interesting. One day you can be on a paradise island by sipping a coffee or wine with people from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil and sharing anecdotes… that really enriches and nourishes the body and soul.
  • Living in a tropical climate, surrounded by mountains, nature or in a slightly more temperate climate, as in Boquete or El Valle de Antón, is priceless. In Panama you can choose.
  • Just as the boats in the Panama Canal go quickly from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so in one day you can enjoy both oceans and observe the beauty of each other.
  • Panama is a cosmopolitan country where you will find a lot of shops, skyscrapers, gastronomic variety in its restaurants, in short, you can carry out a diversity of activities and lead a life, as you have dreamed it.




The services we provide include accompaniment in the processing of the following processes:

  • Permanent Residence Permits and Temporary
  • Residence Permits
  • Residence Permits for Retirees or Pensioners
  • Professional Residence Permits
  • Investor Residence Permits
  • Residence permits for staff hired by multinational companies
  • Residence permits for married couples with Panamanians
  • Recognition of Foreign or Exequatur Judgment
  • Naturalization
    Assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Creation of companies or public limited companies
  • Entries to the Civil Registry of individuals
  • Certification of exemption from payment of import taxes of vehicle for retired renters, pensioner tourist and Panamanian retired abroad.
  • Legalization and apostille of documents
  • Work permits
  • Trademark Registration
  • Buying and selling real estate
  • Incentives and tax benefits for foreign investment
  • Among others